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Cover Sheets: add a fresh clean finish to your beds

Updated: Nov 28, 2019

What is a Cover Sheet? We get asked this question a lot. A Cover Sheet is a fine white self-stripe sheet that goes over the doona or blanket. You’ve probably noticed Cover Sheets used in many hotels and resorts. They are used for aesthetic and hygiene reasons. Aesthetically because they give the bed a fresh crisp, clean finish and hygienically as they are changed with each guest changeover. How do I use Cover Sheets on my beds? Cover sheets are placed over a doona or blanket. This is called ‘triple sheeting.’ To create a bed with triple sheeting, first make the bed with 2 sheets as usual. Tuck in the bottom sheet leaving the 2nd sheet untucked. Place the doona or blanket over the 2nd sheet then put the Cover sheet over the Doona or blanket and fold back twice leaving a nice neat fold at the top of the bed. Then tuck everything in and you’re done!! To finish off add some colourful cushions and a throw and you now have a modern fresh, clean bedroom ready for your guests. When you’re hiring bed linen Byron bay, contact us for all your linen requirements.

You can watch this great video tutorial by ComphyCo

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